May 22nd, 2005

choo-choo (dzaa!)

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Hot tub's leaking again. The guy will be here to look at it at 3. Doesn't seem to be the same problem, but often when you upgrade something it breaks something else - a pipe that was getting worse wasn't broken by the old pressure, but the new pressure is too much. Which is probably what happened here.

So there may be a series of fixes to the hot tub. We'll get 'em started early so that if we can manage the DHP for July (no, don't know when yet, working on it), the tub should be all done by then.
monkey scientist

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My second straight-razor shave went great. Not the closest shave I've ever had, but not bad, and basically no shaving cuts. And hey, if my second shave went this good, my tenth should leave the regular safety razors in the dust. I used less water with the shaving soap this time, which worked a little better, but I think I'm still gonna wind up using something else long-term.

The hot tub guy tells us that the *other* pump has just gone through problems fairly similar to what happened with the first one. But hey, this isn't happening right before a DHP :-)