May 14th, 2005

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This week, like most weeks, Robert X. Cringely has written a great article. This week's article is about upcoming changes in the video game market, the downloadable media market (think downloadable music and videos), and some pie-in-the-sky speculation about where Google could go next.

I figure Bob's hitting his usual accuracy of 60% to 70% - I have to agree with him on the first two, but I don't think that's the direction that Google's headed. He's right that there are some veeeery interesting options in that general direction, though...
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Have been battling a mild cold - some congestion and headachiness. While I seem to be much better this morning than yesterday, I recommend caution in licking me for a bit. So if that's your preferred method of greeting, a latex tongue protector may be in order.

Wow. That's just an image. Anyway, move along.
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My last bike was a Suzuki SV650S, though it wasn't the model year that that link points to. I bought it three years or so ago, so it was a then-just-slightly-obsolete 2001. For those just joining us, the previous bike died when a guy in a truck changed lanes into me at 70mph on highway 880 last August. That's also the source of several prominent scars on my body.

I bought the bike brand spanking new, my first new vehicle ever, and the fact that it was the previous model year didn't matter a whit. Besides, the bike doesn't change a lot year to year, not in the ways that are likely to matter to me. To misquote bk2w's license plate frame, it was red, it was fast, it was mine. Oh baby!

Spring is springing, grass is growing, my pickup truck is serviceable but astoundingly unglamorous, and several dealerships near me have the SV650S in stock... In that lovely, lovely electric blue color.

S'pose it's time to go out and buy myself some replacement gear.

And a bike. Bike bike bike!