May 11th, 2005

monkey bad boy

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This week, Rob Brezsny tells the Gemini:

Larry Colvin, a prisoner in North Carolina's Buncombe Correctional Center, was scheduled to finish his four-month sentence last March 16. But just a few hours before his official release, he escaped. There's no word yet on whether he has been recaptured, but you can bet that when he is, the legal system will return him to jail for more than a few hours. Let this serve as a model for what not to do, Gemini. It would be crazy for you to try to wiggle out of your ongoing ordeal now that you're so close to its end. Endure the remaining time with poise and patience, studying its lessons until the lessons are truly done. It'll all be over soon.

Rob, you bastard. I owe you one. Or about five. In both the good and bad senses. Your sense of humor will continue to confound me. And if you knew what the hell I was talking about, you'd probably get a massive kick out of it.