April 18th, 2005

monkey science

Materialist Update

Lawnmower's broken. I don't know much about engine repair and I've checked the basics (gas? check. oil? check. primed? check. spark plug clean? check. electrical safety whatsit closed? check. That's it? D'oh!). So I'm probably getting a new one.

New Palm to replace one that has been broken for some time. My company's product is lovely in many ways, but it's simply not small enough to carry around in my pocket constantly. Lovely for gaming, though.

Have been keeping the house a tad cleaner and my room a tad better organized. That's good.

Need to get myself a new motorcycle now that I can afford to do so, and can physically handle it again. And gear. Good safety gear is key. Have been bike-less too long.
super professor monkey

On an unrelated note...

I hadn't seen HowToons before. The idea is that they're intended for kids, and show how to build fun devices - an across-the-room air cannon, a tiny electric motor, a marshmallow gun, a sort-of-air-hockey thing...

Neat stuff.