April 6th, 2005

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This week, Brezsny says:

"Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use," said semanticist Wendell Johnson. Though I almost always agree with his advice, I have to make an exception for you Geminis this week. This may be one of the most bigger-than-life, no-strings-attached interludes in many moons. Even the ordinary could become epic; the last might become first and vice versa. In the midst of blockbuster special effects and melodramatic plot twists, you might find that invocations of "always" and "never" are downright reasonable.

Aw, man. I should'a suspected. Rob tends to encourage me when I'm in that kinda mood already.
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I got the insurance settlement, finally, less the lawyer's cut and my health insurance company's cut. I think I did just *slightly* worse than if I'd been tolerably competent on CA law on the topic but didn't get a lawyer. So by that metric, the lawyer earned pay from me for basic competence, and then anything beyond that was just whether the insurance company or the lawyer wound up with any particular chunk.

I still came out well ahead on the deal, so it's certainly not like I owe money. Well, except taxes, but you can't really get around that. I should talk to the guy who does my taxes and figure out whether I should send in a chunk now or wait 'til next April, long as I'm talking to him.