February 22nd, 2005

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I took Monday as a bit of a mental health day. Stayed in, stayed (mostly) off IM and LJ, and played a lot of the second "Knights of the Old Republic" game. So far it's feeling pretty formulaic, but there's time enough for it to surprise me. They did fix some of the more broken game mechanics (like some specific rules of Pazaak), though.
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I was talking to ravenslost recently about the fact that I tend to go for specific not-good-for-me crazy people (no, nobody I'm currently dating is in that category, though some exes are). And ravenslost was trying to see the appeal. To a large extent I don't really know it, but here's something that came to me and rang true...

When you're dating somebody you know is crazy in an identified way, the other shoe comes pre-dropped.