February 14th, 2005

bearded monkey god

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[Crossposted to disasterhouse]
If you were on the old Disaster House Party reminder list, you should now have received messages from the new Google Groups incarnation of that list.

If you didn't receive anything then you're not on the reminder list, which means you won't be reminded of the DHPs when everyone else is. This has a high probability of making you sad unless you follow some other forum (like disasterhouse) that will remind you of these things. Because otherwise you will be missing some of the best parties thrown in the SF Bay Area, with some of the coolest people. Yes, I know, everyone says that. No, really. Nudity, fire and breathtakingly intelligent and glowingly social people. *Lots* of them.

On that note, you have now all been warned. If you miss DHPs from here on out, it's your own fault ;-)