February 4th, 2005

monkey green

(no subject)

For anybody that's not already a member - we're going to have another disasterhouse party in April of this year. We'd like good attendance, as always. If you've met me recently or otherwise don't know about the DHPs, talk to me or join the community. Either way, you can get a link to the invitation and see if the DHP is a good event for you.

The DHPs take place in Fremont, at my humble abode. They're a fine and hedonistic extravaganze of good food and alcohol, good people and conversation, good nudity and decadence, and good fire and fun.

You can also respond here (if your LJ info has your email address, or if I know it already) or to my email address to be added to the DHP email reminder list. No email reminders have yet been sent out for the April party, but that should happen before too terribly long.