February 2nd, 2005

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Monk is on a roll lately. Given how good he usually is, that's saying something.

But the 'Libido Demands It' post and the one on polyamory skills have both been abso-freaking-lutely extraordinary.

Admittedly, in very different ways.
bearded monkey god

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This week, Brezsny says to me:

Somewhere in the world is a tree that has been struck by lightning in such a way that the scorch marks show your initials. This is the week of all weeks when you could find that tree. Somewhere in this world, there is a treasure that has no value to anyone but you, and a secret that is meaningless to everyone except you, and a frontier that possesses a revelation only you know how to exploit. This is the week when you could stumble upon those things. Somewhere in this world, Gemini, there is a person who could ask you the precise question you need to hear in order to catalyze the next phase of your evolution. This is the week when you might run into that person.

You know, I live my life with this constantly in mind, and I've been meeting a very different and unusual group of people lately - people who aren't so much vastly wise as just different from what I'm used to. I live my life as though this is always true, and I do hope this is the week for it to happen.

I'm tired of year after week after day of the little changes, slowly adding up. I could use a catalyst to the next stage of my evolution. It's time, and I'm hurting for the lack of it.
monkey science

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Back on the Sin City thing...

I saw a trailer on kraydon's journal. This was my response:

My impression of the trailer (I've read the comics) is that they absolutely nailed everything with Marv. He's perfect. He's like the comic book Marv but in motion. His scenes look just like the comic.

Everybody else? Eh. Though they also have Jessica Alba doing a pretty convincing Nancy there, other than the not-topless thing and the ominous fact that she'll have to a do some scenes later that require more acting ability and less cute undulation.

But Marv? Shit, now I'm gonna go see that movie just for him. Gimme. Hope there's a lot of him. If everybody else sucks, I've still spent a quite excusable nine bucks.

[For the record, there is almost no Kevin, aka Frodo, aka Elijah Wood in the trailer here. So I have no clue how good or bad he is in this. But the brief visions of him looked promising, especially combined with how good most of Marv's scenes look. Kevin appears almost exclusively solo or with Marv.]