January 25th, 2005

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Sexy WHAT now?

Go to Google. Type the word comatose. Look over on the right-hand side at the sponsored links. Look at the middle of the three.

You won't be glad you did. But if you don't, the suspense will keep annoying you until you do.

Today's daily trauma is brought to you by the letters W, T and F.

[Update: you can do the same thing with the word 'syphilitic' instead of 'comatose'. It's even funnier/weirder/stupider that way.]

[Update again: they've changed the text, so it now just says 'sexy local singles'. Which kinda spoils our fun.]
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Has anybody but me read the on-paper version of Frank Miller's Sin City? The first one?

There's a creepy silent killer called Kevin who is the focus of rather a lot of that book.

They're making a Sin City movie, which is kinda weird anyway - why do a movie of a comic whose primary appeal is the nifty inkwork? Don't get me wrong, it's fucking impressive inkwork, but still...

Anyway. Y'know who's playing Kevin? Elijah Wood. Frodo.

I think my brain is going to go 'splodey now.