January 13th, 2005

bearded monkey god

Fakir's workshop

I've been thinking about doing something like this for quite awhile. It appears I'm now basically committed to going (have paid money for it, like).

So what's "it"? The answer would be "having holes poked in me and hooks put through them, as a temporary thing, and then doing stuff with that, including pulling on them." Long ago I looked at descriptions of people being pierced with large hooks and suspended from the ceiling and thought "wow. I could do that. That's something people do. Now I *really* wonder what that's like." This seems like a more reasonable first step than being bodily suspended from hooks for hours, though.

I don't know why so many related things do very little for me, but this fascinates me. But hey, I may get there, do it, and find out this doesn't do anything for me either. In my book, that'll be eight hours well-spent.

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choo choo (mail)

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This was done several weeks ago while I was on BART, on paper. It flows a bit funny, but it's hard to do a first draft on paper. I'm putting it up on LJ, just to have a better record of it.

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