December 15th, 2004

monkey bad boy

That'd work

This week, Brezsny tells the Gemini:

As I meditated about what would be the perfect holiday gift for you, I kept coming back to the fantasy of a thousand doughnuts. Nothing pleased me more than the mental image of your living room floor covered with boxes of Bavarian cream, chocolate frosted, jelly-filled, glazed, and apple crumb doughnuts. Here's the astrological explanation for my intuition: I think fate plans to blow your mind with sweet extravagance in 2005. Receiving a thousand doughnuts would be a metaphorical rehearsal.

Mmm... Krispy Kreme.

I can think of several flavors of sweet extravagance life could blow my mind with in 2005. In one case, I may consider my current circumstances to be a nice preview...
monkey science

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It has been a fairly physically strenuous week for me. So far, I'm holding up admirably, though my ankle's being a bit grumpy again.

However, I *did* help somebody move, and moved a lot of heavy furniture as part of that, so a slightly-grumpy ankle is definitely not an unreasonable consequence.