November 18th, 2004

monkeytown is doomed!

Just so I've mentioned...

ravenslost and I are headed back to TX for Thanksgiving week. If I don't respond to you in that time, or do so extremely sluggishly, I don't actually loathe and despise you. Well, I mean, maybe I don't. I wouldn't need to just to avoid returning your communications.

You still might be a bastard for all I know.
face with goatee

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A friend confided in me awhile back that his daughter was, scientifically and objectively, determined to have been the cutest baby ever. It's important to have friends that will confide such things in you. To preserve his anonymity, I'll keep calling him Pixar Tom, since nobody will guess who I mean.

Without further ado, a somewhat-older picture of the cutest baby ever, wearing her firetruck, made for her out of a cardboard box by her mom.