November 15th, 2004

monkey scientist

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ravenslost and I went to a Tantra workshop this weekend. It was good. We met good people. There was a lot of stuff there I already knew, but it was still good work, which is a powerful thing. There was more I didn't know.

Pretty much everything I was there specifically to learn was compressed into the last hour or so of the second day, but hey, I learned what I was there to learn.

It's been a good day for chatting with cute girls. Two different OKCupid people messaged me today. Usually that doesn't happen twice in the same month, let alone the same day. rightkindofme dropped by randomly to borrow a cup of internet. I took Raven to the BART station (as I tend to on workdays) this morning. And a couple of recent interests both wanted to talk. Yay, me!