November 8th, 2004

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From papertygre's journal, I found a link to an essay called the six-lesson schoolteacher. The fellow who wrote it (NY state teacher of the year, 1991) contends that school has only six real lessons that it teaches, and proceeds to spell them out in detail.

It's generally described as tongue-in-cheek because you generally have to be really bitter or outside the system to look at these things the way he does. Also, probably, because of its cheerful tone. It fits my experience of public school quite well. Those of you who have talked to me about public school are aware that I'm both bitter and outside the system at this point.

It is, regardless, a very well-written essay and a good presentation of a point of view.
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What lesson does reality want Noah to learn this week? "If it looks like too much drama, and it smells like too much drama, you should probably treat it as being too much drama."

But... But... I've gone *years* without learning that lesson.

Oh. Right. That would be why I need to learn it. Damn you, logic! Damn you as the soulless taskmaster you are!

On the plus side, this was probably the lowest-drama lesson in drama I've received in years. I think I like 'em better that way.
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I've heard of the Human Awareness Institute. Having read the descriptions of their workshops, it sounds like complete fluff. However, I've heard these workshops recommended, both for content and (I think) for cruising.

As with Scientology, mail-order hydroponics and Diet Mountain Dew, there is obviously something mysterious and unmentioned going on here. Does anybody on my friends list know what, in the specific case of HAI? Or, for that matter, of Diet Mountain Dew?