October 27th, 2004

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This week, Rob, the president of Madagascar, tells the Gemini:

Most of us lie regularly. Studies say the average person unleashes three fictions per day. Our deceits are often harmless, designed to avoid hurting someone's feelings or to spare ourselves from inconvenience. Still, the habit is so unconscious it puts us in peril of falsifying more important matters. Your task in the coming week, Gemini, is to investigate your tendency to distort the truth. The masquerade season presents you with an opportunity to do this in a radically fun way: through parody and exaggeration. For your Halloween persona, you could be "The Big Liar." At parties, tell nonstop whoppers. Wear white clothes on which you've written fibs like "I am President of Madagascar," "Eating ice cream and potato chips prevents cancer," and "Luxembourg is hiding weapons of mass destruction."

You can never tell with the Luxembourgers. I'm thinking this may be another one for noirem rather than me. That happens with gemini...

Hm. Lying grandly as a means of self-parody. Beyond playing another few games of Baron Munchausen, I'm not sure of the best way to do that.

And the Leo horoscope this week (Leo is my moon sign) is apropos, but not in any of the obvious ways. I wonder if I'll be able to manage that this week. I'd like to, I think. Other omens have been yelling relentlessly to me that the time is right.
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Every so often I find time to talk to atziluth about random things like the Enneagram and Ayurvedic medicine that he spends his time on. He actually knows this stuff, I just pick up a bit from him and occasionally contrast it with stuff I *do* have a clue about.

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Random updates

Suckful work problem has mutated. Again. No, one more time *after* that.

I can now approximately jog.

Dating me is, I'm told, self-destructive behavior.

Still not king.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.