September 8th, 2004

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This week, Rob tells the Gemini:

If you believe your body is inherently sinful or if you're offended by references to your private parts, stop reading now. Still here? Good. The fact is, dear Gemini, that this is a perfect time to celebrate, explore, and reinvent your relationship with your genitals. It's your sacred duty to strip away every negative association about them that you may have acquired in the past. Do whatever it takes to arrive at the understanding that your sexual organs are among the most sublime gifts the Divine Creator has given you. Have fun with them, worship them, teach them greater discipline, and in general lift them to the exalted state they deserve.

Well, if I'd been contemplating a genital piercing, apparently this would be the week to do it. I haven't, though.

I still think "sublime" is a bit much. I mean, mine is perfectly fine as such organs go, but it's a penis. It's still pretty basically goofy.

Perhaps that's the sort of association Rob wants me to get rid of. Somehow yelling "worship the penis" doesn't seem like it'll help, though.