August 3rd, 2004

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This is Raven

I am making this post at Noah's request. He was in an accident this morning. A driver made a fast lane change on the 880 without looking, into Noah, pushing him into the concrete divider. Given that situation, he came out pretty well, in my opinion. He was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

He has five stitches on the back of his left hand. His lower right arm has a few breaks. (In the radius/ulna areas, but I've no better information than that, at present.) His left foot is dislocated. They took him into surgery around 5:20 for that last one.

His motorcycle boots did their job well in protecting his ankles, but the force of a body at 70mph... well his foot's not quite where it's supposed to be. There's hope that they'll be able to bring the swelling down enough to put the joint back into place, without having to cut. Other than that there's some various scrapes, but he is in pretty good condition and spirits. They'll keep him overnight at the hospital, and probably release him tomorrow.

Before rightkindofme or I got there, the guy that hit him, and stopped to assist directly after, came in to see him. Apparently the other driver has a son who rides, and was very shaken by the accident.

I'll be going back to the hospital in a bit. I'll call rightkindofme with news as soon as I have it, and suspect that she'll update here.
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Raven Again

Bugger. It's been a day, my brain's gone.

He's at St. Rose's in Hayward. Any phone calls for him, should probably be directed to his home phone, unless you're family, as he's more likely to have an oppertunity to deal with them from there, than from the hospital. (Given that he'll be drugged tonight and probably released tomorrow...)
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He's ok!!!!!!!!!!! (The other girlfriend here...)

I just got off the phone with Noah's mother, wow... she is just as uhhh friendly as he says she is....

The doctor says that the arm break was very messy, but he got everything put back together well. With time and lots of physical therapy he will be ok. The foot was more difficult than they wanted it to be. They had to cut something (my brain is a sieve for medical terms-someone will fill this part in later) in order to straighten the foot out and that is suboptimal. He has to stay off of his foot completely and totally for four to six weeks. The doctor will be emphasizing this beginning tomorrow with Noah. I managed to convince Noah's mother that she should not start calling home nursing places first thing in the morning.

Don't make a liar out of me people!!!! Noah is going to need lots of help for a month or two. He is much more proud than I am and won't ask for it, but I have the password for his lj and I can bloody well ask right now. I will be spending lots of time over there with him, well, as much time as Raven doesn't fill so wonderfully. There will be lots of time that can hopefully be filled by some of his adoring fans. :) Come on people... You know you adore him. :)