July 30th, 2004

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Excerpted from this week's "Tom the Dancing Bug":

President Bush asks:


Are you a preening elitist flip-flopper with perfectly-coiffed hair and a vaguely French manner? If not, I might accuse you of being one. You need ME to make you a real testosterone-charged he-man. A man whose disdain for all things feminine causes him to seek the company of other powerful, muscular men. A man whose discomfort with homosexuals cuases him to break into a sweat and mutter about the Bible and the sanctity of marriage whenever one is near. A Republican man is a REAL man, and we can make you one.
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Y'know, I just keep respecting Jefferson more as I learn more about him. He was a kook, but he was *my* kind of kook.

The quote below is excerpted from Charley Reese.

"Jefferson was a man who could say to Aaron Burr when Burr tried to blackmail him: Say what you will. If it's true, I'm not ashamed of it; if it's false, the people I care about will know it's false."