July 23rd, 2004

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Went to see Henry the Fourth with ravenslost, courtesy of Sarah the molten-metal-pouring ex-girlfriend. Thanks, Sarah! It was a good production in a good venue (California Shakespeare something-or-other, just on the Orinda side of the Caldecott Tunnel). I'd never seen the play before, it was good. Also saw fyfer and Chris there, which was a pleasant surprise.

They had a great variation on the usual fundraising plaques... In addition to getting a plaque with the donors' name(s), there was a chosen Shakespeare quote as well. There were saucy ones, pretty ones, touching ones, strange ones ("exit, pursued by a bear")... Very nice.
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misternihil stuff, expanded, take two.

So, earlier I posted a link to Old Anew, an analysis of the deheoglonic poem, a comedic piece by my eldest younger brother.

He has created a convenience link to two sister stories, called "Rectitude" and "God". I particularly recommend the second one, "God". They can be read independently or together.

And there's a lovely retelling which makes more sense if you know his daughter's name is Ruth.