June 3rd, 2004

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I'm now 28. Go me, or something. I don't plan to particularly do anything about it, though.

I hadn't looked at LJ Match in awhile. Nothing much has changed, though I haven't posted the results in a bit.

My sexual compatibility with various LJ friends, Collapse )
2013 work pic (2)

Oooh, good Blowfish update!

Blowfish sends out an update to people that have asked for it every week. It's clever, funny and generally lovely, and includes stuff like new product reviews, news about sales and things, and a column called "Caught in the Net" with really unusual porn available on the web.

This week's "Caught in the Net" linked to a Worth1000 contest (I'd never heard of 'em before now) to make work-safe art... That is, to take classic works of nude or partially-nude art and make them worksafe in creative ways. The results are incredible.

Also, Blowfish is looking for an accountant. Wanna do Accounts Receivable for a sex-toy vendor?

I doubt anybody here is seriously interested, but hey, I like Blowfish. The Collapse )