May 6th, 2004

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If it's Thursday, I must have forgotten Brezsny...

Turn your attention, please, to the predicament of Mohabbatsinh Gohil, a diamond trader in India. A cow swallowed 1,722 diamonds that he had accidentally dropped in the street. By combing through the beast's dung for many days, Gohil was eventually able to recover many of his jewels. I suspect that in the coming weeks, Gemini, you'll encounter a challenge comparable to his. Let's hope you've got the patience, humility, and sense of humor to sift through the mounds of drek in search of small but weighty treasure.

I suppose I should be working harder on the job search, then.
2013 work pic (2)

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[Cross-posted to disasterhouse

Several folks have volunteered to help me do DHP prep. However, for various and sundry reasons, most of the remaining bits are best done tomorrow (Friday) evening. So, I'm putting out a call for assistance starting at about 5pm on Friday.

Anybody who can make it, great. Anybody who can't, don't worry about it.

Tasks with which you could assist:

- Acquiring stuff for the party, such as making trips to Rick's Rather Rich or CostCo (own vehicle a plus)
- Cleaning, such as vacuuming, mopping, or picking inappropriate objects and asking the hosts "so, um, whose is this?"
- Minor yard work like picking up windblown trash, sweeping the walks or testing Tiki torches
- Preparing food/activity stuff for deployment on Saturday
- Making signs for doors, cabinets, etc so that people will know what they're for or not for
- Socializing with the hosts or other people helping, preferably in ways that don't interfere with the helping :-)
- Kicking the tuchus of any host seen slacking, especially me.