May 5th, 2004

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Notification about the May 8th DHP has again been sent out. If you didn't get it, I may not have a valid email address for you (wuttd, phantomdancer) or you may be out of quota.

The invitation was recently redone a bit. Go back and look at it, there's new info and rearranged info.

In other news, if you watch the disasterhouse community but you're not a member, I don't think you can see the posts. You should click to join the community, and then I can approve you. You can check the community's userinfo to see if you're in the correct category ("members").

The May 8th DHP is currently planned to have bellydancers. Bring money for tips. I know I've said it in several places already, but I'd like to make sure we provide a welcoming environment. Nothing is worse than a disappointing welcome for somebody you'd like to really favorably impress, right?