April 29th, 2004

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Job interview went well. I'll know next week whether anything comes of it. I like the sound of the job, but I'll need to decide if I want to work at a startup. It'll take a lot of my time, but it'll do it with really good work. The people are good, and I already know a lot of them. Dunno. Tempting.

Spent much of the day worthless and/or napping. Was a nice change. I needed it.

Received Duvetyne safety cloth in the mail today. Purchased professional-quality fire extinguisher several days ago. Called Fire Marshall today (waiting for callback) to determine legality of certain fire-related things we do in the back yard at DHPs. Good day for fire safety stuff.

Tried to give VMWare a call back. They'd asked about my resume. So we're now playing phone tag. May not matter if the startup looks good enough, but we'll see. No reason to stop job hunting before I've got an offer in hand, right?