April 22nd, 2004

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Next DHP currently scheduled for MAY 8TH. I know there's been some confusion.

We're planning on bellydancing by the lovely mitrian and her instructor. They're being extraordinarily gracious, and plan to dance for tips, and for some good port. Bring money for tips if bellydancing is the sort of thing you want to encourage at DHPs. I certainly will be.

On that note, we'll have a bottle of Fonseca 1970. Those of you who have been coming to DHPs long enough can contrast it with the Taylor Fladgate 1970 (as opposed to the '77) and see how it measures up.
2013 work pic (2)

Job Search Update

I finally got serious about sending out resumes recently. As a result, I had a sort of pre-interview today, which is currently expected to result in an actual interview on Wednesday morning. Early signs are good. I've also got a couple of other resumes out to companies that have made little interested noises. But nothing definite has yet emanated from those quarters. We'll see how it goes.

Today, EDD (the unemployment people) sent me a note, telling me that they didn't send me a check during the one-week no-money-for-you waiting period at the end of march. That's not actually a surprise, as it was during the announced one-week no-money-for-me waiting period, the one I distinctly recall being told about at the end of march. I wondered whether it was good form to send them a letter telling them that they had sent me a letter to tell me they hadn't sent me a check. I decided that if I was going to be a parasite on the welfare system then that was far too much work. Especially if they weren't paying me for it.

However, if they send me a letter to say I didn't send them a letter about them sending me a letter to say they didn't send me a check... Well then, perhaps I'll rethink my position.