April 14th, 2004

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The back yard's a little cleaner, the front hedges are a bit better trimmed (but not totally, not yet), the yard waste container is full.

Oh, and I got to talk to a cop again. It appears somebody got shot at (and perhaps shot) across the street at the elementary school. I didn't see anything, though, so he just took my name and a really brief statement. Then I went back to trimming the hedges.
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Wednesday, Brezsny, Gemini:

Have you guessed that 2004 is the best year ever to coordinate the parts of your life that have always worked at cross-purposes? Do you realize how much power you now have to unify opposites? Please intensify your efforts to strike a dynamic balance between the impulses of your mind and the yearnings of your heart. Raise your expectations as you strive to create a more perfect blend of freedom and commitment. Summon an almost extreme faith in your ability to be both a charismatic star and a cooperative team player.

Fair enough.