March 24th, 2004

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I've been way too worthless in my first few days of unemployment. The break is nice, but I need to get more done. Working on it.

Random: does anybody have Remington's current email address? I only have an old one for him, and it's bouncing.

From evilbecca: There's a rare planetary lineup going on. Go see it while it's still happening. It goes on 'til early April.

From aberrantvirtue: a great silly Woody Allen detective short story called The Whore of Mensa. Worth the read.

Also from aberrantvirtue: a lovely little essay on the word 'slut' and sluttiness. Yay!
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Oh, hey, just so people know...

Our household is currently stricken with strep throat. While I'm personally not suffering from any obvious symptoms of such a thing (knock wood), both bk2w and tshuma are doing so to varying degrees. So, y'know, if you don't get a friendly lick from me upon seeing you, I don't mean any offense by it, and it's for your own protection.

I suppose it's just as well that I'm taking the second half of the fire-eating class tonight. P'raps that'll help sterilize my suspect throat a bit :-)
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Back from fire-eating. Awwww yeah.

Between my suspect level of self-preservation urge and my love of things on fire (mmm... fire noises), I did great. I came back with my hands, arms and face smudged with large amounts of fuel residue, and my moustache shorter in front than when I left. I'm burping Coleman fuel flavor.


Plus I invited a couple of fun pyros to the DHP, and they seem very inclined to show up. Yay!