March 18th, 2004

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I feel vaguely like I should be complaining. I have perfectly good reasons to complain. But my heart's not in it. Instead, I'm busy cursing Brezsny's sense of humor for being like mine, in that abstract, obviously-he-planned-my-mishaps-cause-he's-an-astrologer silly way.

My monitor finished dying. This one's been a long time coming, but it's no surprise. The timing? That surprised me.

I say that because my last day at NVidia is Friday. I've known this since, um, 4:30pm yesterday, give or take. I'll explain more on that one later today.

I'm having a going-away dinner, not lunch, because today I've got a dentist appointment at lunchtime, and tomorrow I'm going to lunch with a bunch of ex-Palm guys. The schedule was already crowded with prior commitments, as it were.

So what's the deal with Brezsny? Well, he said: "One of the best ways to stay on top -- which is where you are now, right?". He said it yesterday. And I said, "huh? I'm not on top of things. For starters, my job sucks." And, y'know, today that's fixed. I've got a month of severance to live on (or just a bit more), time to job hunt, and several of my oh-god-I-don't-have-time-for-that problems just went away.

More later, after my dentist appointment.
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Search for what is hidden, where it is hidden. Search for what you value in places that are a bit harder to find.

That's why the last parking space tends to hide next to the SUV, and enlightening personal revelations hide amid blood and thunder.

Did I just have a massive personal revelation? No, not really. But I *did* just park next to an SUV, in the last parking space.

And my teeth are in good shape but I need to floss more often.
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Poly-to-English Dictionary

Stolen from stollman:

Poly Phrase: "In our household the most important things are open communication and open process."
English Translation: "Expect to be abused with passive-aggressive 'I' statements."

Poly Phrase: "I don't feel that we communicate on the same level, and that you aren't supporting me emotionally."
English Translation: "I'm tired of you but it would make me seem less sophisticated and hence reduce my opportunities for further sexual relationships in this community to actually say that so bluntly, so I'll make this about vague failings on your part instead."