March 17th, 2004

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Brezsny says to the Gemini today:

I'll tell you a little cosmic secret, Gemini. One of the best ways to stay on top -- which is where you are now, right? -- is to keep paying homage to the bottom. So as you harvest your good fortune in the coming weeks, I suggest you express your gratitude for the painful experiences that have taught you how to thrive. While basking in the glow of people's praise and attention, recall the parts of you that are still unripe. When you come home after a day of radiant success, take out the garbage.

Hm. Not sure I trust his where-I-am assessment, but I agree on the prescription.
brad's somber mood

The Cooperative Game of Angst and Despair!

This Christmas, I was back in Texas with the younger siblings. That includes young Ruth, who is a legal sibling and biological niece. She's still of an age to properly appreciate games like... Rainbowland.

Those of you (most of you) who've never heard me describe Rainbowland in person may not have imagined the shudder that accompanied that. Let me Collapse )

But I'm not going to get into any of the rest of it. Let us merely say, this game etched itself onto my synapses, which is why I feel compelled to inflict a description of it on you.

Never, never play it. For your future avoidance, it looks like this and was made by these poor damned souls. I note that it's on sale on the HearthSong site. Small wonder.

Also, a much more diplomatic woman than I has reviewed the game.