March 16th, 2004

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Some of you are familiar with my Zire71, or at least with the "Palm with a built-in camera" phenomenon. You might think, "say, I wonder how well those do at capturing an event compared to *real* digital cameras?".

To soothe your gnawing curiosity, here is a big set of grainy, blurry, washed-out pictures taken with my Zire71 over the heads of other patrons in a crowded pizza joint. To make sure the experience is fully savored, the index page has no thumbnails and was produced by me in five minutes using the built-in Windows "Edit".

Still curious? Didn't think so. You're welcome.

It's a dance event that mitrian performed in awhile back. I promised her I'd post them. I must still apologize for doing so. She's the one with the red scarves.
2013 work pic (2)

Sure, just 'cause

"Go browse through my list of interests and pick one that either you know nothing about or can't fathom why I'd be interested in that and ask for an explanation."

Stolen from, like, a big chunk of my friends list.