March 15th, 2004

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On Sunday, after a nice morning workout with rightkindofme (no, no, I just mean at 24-Hour Fitness) and a lunch with her and her guy, I headed home and found myself getting a tad dizzy. My workout that morning had left me more wiped than usual, which I attributed to finding the leg-press machine and trying it out...

Nope. By the time I'd gotten home, it was obviously not just a hard workout. I was hit by some kind of Martian Death Virus, and ravenslost and I basically hibernated the rest of the day. I've slept, like, 20 out of the last 24 hours.

Feeling better this morning, though not at 100%.
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April 10th DHP invitation: sent.

If you're not getting them and you have an Earthlink or Hotmail address, wait a couple of days. It may bounce (like last time), and I'll email you directly along with some griping about your email provider :-)

If you don't know what a Disaster House Party is, you should find out. They rock. I host them.
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If you don't much like poetry, move on. You're not likely to enjoy this.

I like Chesterton. A lot of his stuff isn't anything special, but his good stuff is really good. I forget that when just browsing him. And then I remember again, because I know I've got some ideas in common with a man who can write this.