March 9th, 2004

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I had a lazy yesterday involving a lot of sleep. I feel much better now. That's definitely for the best. Yay for staying not-sick...

I'm sorer than I should be after working out on Sunday. This tells me that I should keep up on those vitamins that I've been ignoring, and especially on potassium. Had a couple of bananas at lunch, maybe that'll take care of it.

Mmm... Boring post.
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Copying papertygre:

Eysenck's Test Results
Extraversion (83%) high which suggests you are very talkative, optimistic, and sociable but possibly not very reflective.
Neuroticism (21%) low which suggests you are very relaxed, calm, secure, unemotional but possibly too unobservant of your feelings.
Psychoticism (58%) moderately high which suggests you tend to be offensive, uncooperative, and rebellious.
Take Eysenck's EPQ-R based Personality Test.

I'll call the second and third results reasonably accurate, and the first one... well, less so.
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Most of you probably know that I've dabbled in hypnotherapy. It's in my userinfo, even. Some of you know that I've been trained professionally -- 200 hours, which is a pretty significant amount by most current standards, and that included a lot of practical training, so it definitely wasn't all theoretical or fluffy.

However, I haven't been good about keeping up with it since that class. I've hypnotized a few people to show them what it was like, and attempted to help some others, with mixed results. I've never tried anything at all serious (say, three or more sessions with the same person) since that class ended.

I can now put another tally mark on my column of simple successes, though. Yay!