March 1st, 2004

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Had a good few days. Good first date on Thursday, for which I have miss_mimsy to thank, at least indirectly. Relaxing weekend. The discovery that Rick's coconut ice cream is *very* coconutty. And much digging up the yard yesterday.

The digging was originally to prepare a space for planting, which happened. Yay! However, there was a long diversion from that purpose for bk2w and I to pull up big chunks of concrete from old fence posts. I hauled up a couple of them by hand, and he broke remaining, basically-unpullable bits up with power tools before we refilled the hole.

There's now a big of debate on the Skotos forums after my last article, which I choose to consider a good thing. Yay, discussion!
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Memey Goodness

I was interested enough by the "what did you post a year ago?" meme to go check.

There wasn't anything on March 1st, 2003, but there were a couple of good ones on February 27th, and on March 3rd. February 27th I announced version 0.005 of Phantasmal being put up on SourceForge (first SourceForge release!) and a brief bit about Sterling Crawford's murder trial. Turns out he was later found guilty, barely. He did a good job of hiding it, and they had a devil of a time proving anything.

March 3rd would be the one where I taunt the web weenie in absentia and the one where I decide to refer to people who piss me off as "them uppity white people".

On March 1st, 2002, also nothing. The day before I had rocked a job interview with Broadcom. And on March 5th, the next post, I mentioned the little meeting with Palm directors I had before I left. I had actually skinned my knee just after that job interview, and the other time I did that (skinned my knee by falling off a motorcycle) was less than 12 hours before my NVidia interview. Hm. Maybe I need to replace the tires on my bike *before* interviewing, should that become an issue soon.

On March 1st, 2001, I had no LiveJournal, nor blog of any kind.