February 25th, 2004

monkey scientist

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Transmetropolitan. That's the one with Spider Jerusalem as the main character. Until today I'd never read any of it. Now I've read two volumes.

It's really, *really* good.
monkey bad boy

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This week's Brezsny:

If oil companies were given a green light to drill Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, they'd ultimately produce 42 million gallons of black gold every day. America's dependence on foreign oil would diminish, which might in turn reduce its inclination to use military force to ensure its supply. But there is a simpler way to accomplish the same goal. If the fuel efficiency of SUVs were boosted a mere three miles per gallon, America's daily oil consumption would decrease by 49 million gallons. I suggest you keep this scenario in mind, Gemini, as you head towards a turning point in your personal life. Rather than exploit and pollute one of your natural talents for a seemingly good cause, I suggest you seek an alternate way to accomplish that good cause. It may take a relatively minor adjustment.

Amen, Rob.

Working on it. I promise.
monkey science

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Does anybody here know a damn thing about patio heaters? We've been considering getting a stand-up one for the DHPs -- think of a back yard with plastic chairs, a big heater and rum drinks for a moment... Mmm....

I'm thinking stand-up and propane-burning, which would mean patio heaters pretty much like these. Anybody know enough about them to have an opinion other than "the cheap one seems a lot like the others, but it's cheap"? :-)
monkey scientist

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I'm quoting Charley Reese here, who several other folks seem to dislike for unrelated reasons. This quote isn't much about his politics, though:

When Mary Shelley created the Frankenstein monster in her novel, she was expressing the fears of people of her day about science. I think many of us share those fears. We look at science as something devoid of human emotion and compassion, a ruthlessly true set of facts that cares nothing for our ethics or dreams or religious beliefs or wishes or even our very existence.

This is something I never got. Why are people so terrified that somewhere out there, somehow, Science Is Ignoring Them?

I mean, by contrast: I really *hope* that somewhere out there Religious Freaks Are Ignoring Me.