February 17th, 2004

robot president monkey

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I'm published, again. shannon_a says, and I agree, that this is the best article of the first three. I like it better than anything up to number six, in fact, but you'll have to wait another month and a half before that one goes up...

The site's here , click on "Got a License For That?" or the NeoArchaeology logo.

Many people seem to have not gotten the DHP invitation. I say that based on the number of bounces from bad email addresses I got. The next DHP is Feb 21st.
choo choo (mail)

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I have now seen Chicago, and I can understand why people rave about it, especially Richard Gere's suit with the LEDs.

I have now seen Moulin Rouge and I can no longer understand why people rave about it for any reason except costumes.

Robin and Marian was, of course, excellent, but I've seen that one before.