January 19th, 2004

monkey scientist

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It appears that all available book-writing applications (I'm thinking, like, Docbook here) are more work to learn, install and use than it is to write a dedicated Perl script to keep track of my chapters for me. Sigh.

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On a different note, Skotos should be putting up the first of my MUD design articles soon. I've submitted three to them, and they'll be put up once every two weeks, nominally on Mondays.
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It's been awhile, but...

This comic just makes me happy. Deep Fried is hit-or-miss in general, but I really like this one in particular.

Bits of flavor dialog from a different DF strip:

- RK: "Who else would have the bricks to put a child-molesting
clown in their cast? Hey, keeps 'em off the street."
- BtC: "Excuse ME! Not all clowns are child molesters! It's
less than *half*!"
- RK: "Yeah, okay peekaboo. Go download some more hentai."