November 5th, 2003

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This week, Brezsny says of the Gemini:

Gemini Kathleen Raine won several literary awards for her mystical nature poetry and was a highly respected scholar who specialized in William Butler Yeats and William Blake. She died last August at age 95. An obituary in "The Daily Telegraph" noted that she was surprised to have survived so long. More than 35 years ago, a prophetic figure in one of her dreams proclaimed that she had only 100 months (less than nine years) left to live. It just goes to show you that even the smartest, most refined students of the great mysteries are susceptible to being deceived about important matters by the little voices in their heads. Be aware of that as you listen to the jabber that fills your inner landscape in the coming week.

Oh goody. I'll keep that in mind. Sigh.

That's a shame. I thought I had a pretty good little revelation this morning.
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Peter Beagle wrote a really incredible book called "Giant Bones". I forget who I loaned my copy to, but I've been meaning to buy a couple more for awhile -- I like to get loaner copies of all my favorite books, and Giant Bones is one of them.

It's out of print.

Powell's had two copies, both of which I've ordered.