October 1st, 2003

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Some Disaster House Party various stuff...

Apparently we're likely to get a mention in the CMU alumni newspaper. One of our local celebrities was being interviewed, and mentioned the parties, and apparently the editor took an interest. I've asked that the URL not be included, which may or may not even reach the editor in question, but we'll see how it goes. But hey, we're famous, sorta vaguely.

I'm probably going to start announcing the parties on other forums -- maybe the "aroundfremont" LJ community and the CMU tribe on tribe.net, for instance. I'm not sure if I should suggest RSVPing a little harder on the public forums, or just see who shows up, or what. I'm not sure if I should go the whole way and post the URL, which will get more responses and give more information, or avoid it and get less random people finding us via Google...

And on another note, for the party on October 11th, what should we do, pinata-wise? I could fill it with candy. I don't want to reuse the flavored condoms, 'cause it's not a good idea to re-use condoms :-) But if we got some regular, non-flavored condoms suitable for your preferred sort of intercourse, would people actually take them with? We wound up with a *ridiculous* number of flavored condoms just sitting around the house that first time. Or should we fill the pinata with something else entirely? Belgian chocolate and sex toys are both out, for reasons of expense.
peanut butter monkey

Avast, ye scurvy scum!

A web site, a suggestion from the roommate, a frame of mind, and it came together. Prepare for a Disaster House Pirate Halloween, all ye timber-shivering curs!

Same place, most of the same activities, but come in your Halloween finery, or dressed as pirates, or both! We'll provide piratical decor and libations. It looks like we may even be able to get a parrot pinata, should we continue that fine traditiion on All Hallows Eve as well.

Prepare for even more rum than a regular Disaster House Party (which is saying something). Bring your bandannas and your best come-hither and prepare-to-be-boarded look, it's a Disaster House Pirate Halloween!