September 26th, 2003

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Ah, Bob. A bit of desperate, soul-deadening wit to start the new weekend. Thanks!

Latest silly thought going through my mind: the pope controlling the Catholic Church is a little like a centrally-planned economy. It's just a centrally-planned morality. I wonder if you could find similarities between Soviet abuses and shortages, and questionable moral calls on small local issues. In either case, the central planning authority would be producing inefficiency by not being able to handle the full load with the ability of free market pressures. Dunno. Does morality establish itself in anything resembling a free market way?
bearded monkey god

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Recent events (yay for young kids!) reminded me of the fact that people tend to respond emotionally first and justify it later. I do better in figuring something out if I can get a version of the problem with training wheels, and then try and figure out the full-difficulty version. I forget who told me that astronomers say that it's easier to build a telescope with a six-inch reflector and then one with a twelve-inch reflector than it is to build one with a twelve-inch reflector...