July 23rd, 2003

monkey bad boy

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This week's Brezsny for Gemini:

I have a miracle to report. A large HMO in Northern California is now offering homeopathic treatment at one of its clinics. Most American doctors still regard this system of medicine as a kooky New Age craze, on a par with acupuncture and reiki, but here it has officially become a mainstream treatment. Who pulled off this feat? A versatile Gemini friend. For years he has been split, working as an M.D. for the HMO and maintaining a private homeopathic practice. But recently he lobbied the HMO's administrators to let him practice both skills, and they agreed. I suggest you make him your role model, Gemini. Like him, you're primed to create a role that'll blend talents you've always had to keep unconnected. Will you change the course of history, too?

Is getting an HMO to support a nonstandard treatment changing the course of history? Well, okay, maybe. And I find his equating of acupuncture and reiki's reputations amusing.

I can think of a number of talents I've had to keep unconnected, some of them despite my bests efforts. So I'll see how the week goes, I guess.