July 16th, 2003

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Carlos Castaneda is powerful stuff, as it should be. It's about a sociologist who lives with the Yaqui indians in Mexico, and is adopted as the apprentice of an old Nagual, a sorcerer, named don Juan Matus. The training was very involved and took many years. Castaneda learned the various mental disciplines that allowed him to change his perception of the world, the disciplines of attention, intent, stalking and will, which I won't explain here.

Here's a bit that really stuck with me. It's not so much magical as about people and how they act.

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Bob the Angry Flower is early this week.

Today's Brezsny for Gemini:
You should be seriously considered for employee of the month. I love how you've been brightening up the workplace with your bursts of imaginative flair. If your associates have not yet registered the fact that your already-considerable value has risen even further, I urge you to show them this horoscope. In another matter, I'm certain that you should also be named shopper of the month. On the one hand you've been healing an obsessive glitch in your consumer habits, while on the other hand you've been delightfully intuitive about which purchases will improve your life in the most lasting ways.

Huh. Haven't bought much that's very impressive since the party. Maybe it's referring to the Roald Dahl "Uncle Oswald" stories, which I bought awhile back and I finally got around to reading. They're quite pleasant, and give me yet another fictitious personal hero.