July 2nd, 2003

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Oy. Stuff's finally looking saner at work for a bit. I hope.

Here's yet another comic in the "just excellent" category, but then I would think that :-)

Planning for the party, the one that goes all July 4th weekend, continues apace. Plan to be there, or you'll be making just a few of us eat pounds of Belgian chocolate, gallons of Rick's Rather Rich ice cream and many homemade pies all by ourselves. You wouldn't want to do that, would you?

And although writing still takes, like, work, I'm starting to be happier with how the LPC textbook I'm rewriting is going. I'm finally starting to rewrite less of Ronny Wikh's stuff and do more of my own, even if I'm still mostly rewriting. And rewriting. And rewriting. And the structure could use an overhaul. Sigh.
choo-choo (dzaa!)

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Gemini performer Keith Hennessy teaches classes in improvisation. I'll quote his ideas about the subject because they perfectly describe the nature of the spirit you should invoke in the coming weeks. Here's his definition of improvisation. "The art of being in full awareness and integrity right now. The opposite of repression. The closest we get to the source language of creativity, soul, play, and magic. A crazy attempt to align body and mind not only in the pursuit of freedom, but in the actual experience of freedom. Intentional spontaneity. The beauty and truth of the wild."

Heh :-)

I could be so offensive to so many of my readers by just saying what comes to mind here.
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Lawrence of Arabia: good flick. Peter O'Toole: still a thoroughly lovely actor. Didn't see anybody I was supposedly there to meet, though.

Rick's Rather Rich will be giving me three gallons of Cookies and Cream, even though it'll be a couple of weeks before it's released to the public at large. Last time I got Belgian chocolates at Chocolatier Desiree, the nice girl behind the counter said they'd been having slow sales and how people like me were keeping them in business. Does this make me part of some kind of Decadent Dessert Conspiracy? If so, do I get an ID card with a sinister mostly-darkened photo? That'd rock.

Much shopping to be done tomorrow. Much. And much cleaning to be done on Friday before people arrive.

If you still haven't got a party invite from me, bug me for one. I send those out, you know.