June 23rd, 2003

choo choo (mail)

(no subject)

I now own a couple of lending copies of Bridge of Birds, one of The Last Unicorn, and a variety of Roald Dahl stuff I haven't read before. Yay!

Galls, Inc wants to sell me earplugs and first aid kits and fast blood-clotting compound for gunshot wounds and body bags and breathalyzers and so on. They even sent me their specific Law Enforcement Catalog. I may take them up on earplugs (bulk) and a simple first aid kit. We have most of the stuff already, but this would put it, well-organized, in one place. I'm gonna skip the full-on medic bag, as cool as that would be. And the breathalyzer, even though that would make a very dangerous party game.

I helped several people move on Saturday, including cheerfulchaotic. Later on Saturday I had a nice evening involving fun female company, and then on Sunday I played Go, bought a book on Analytical Fluid Dynamics (for $5!) and planted citrus trees.

I've had worse weekends.

Oh, and hey! rupes and rehana were in town and I got to see them for the first time in, like, forever. They and atziluth and I had dinner and Go was played, though not by me. At least, not that day.