June 18th, 2003

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Silly, amusing and simple lemming meme:

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And today's Brezsny:

The first thing they tell you when you enter law school is that there is no justice. The cruel truth is that every legal process is tainted with favoritism and prejudice. In this realm where objectivity is supposedly the supreme value, subjectivity is rampant. The outcome of judicial decisions may hinge as much on human error and the unruly power of the imagination as on the naked facts. Once you accept all that as a given, then and only then will you have the potential to become a potent force for fairness and impartiality. While you're probably not starting law school right now, Gemini, similar principles will apply to the challenges you'll face in the coming weeks.

Shit. How well I know those situations. I'm getting tired of fairness and impartiality, at least when it means handing over windfalls I don't particularly deserve to somebody else. Ah, well. Things have been good lately, and that gives me spare energy and (a little) motivation. Which means I can do that.