June 17th, 2003

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And with another week's issue of The Onion comes an article on Tommy Franks leaving the army to pursue solo bombing projects.

An excerpt:
"When you're in an army, you pretty much have to bomb the countries they tell you to bomb," Franks said. "Which is fine for a while. But eventually, you get tired of bombing the same old places again and again. The last thing I want is to be 70 years old, still bombing Iraq. It's important to keep things fresh."
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SpeakEasy is transitioning over to using Covad's network. This means we get a new DSL modem (eh, whatever), our IP addresses are changing (mildly irritating) and broadband's down at home for four hours on Friday (boo!). But they're doubling our download rate and tripling our upload rate for the same price (yay!).

Overall, I've been extremely impressed at how communicative they've been, and just generally how well they're handling the transition. So in my book, SpeakEasy gets two thumbs up on this one.

Though it'd be better if we could keep the same IP addresses.