June 16th, 2003

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I had a pretty quiet weekend. It's been pointed out to me recently that "quiet" is relative, and that these weekends probably wouldn't qualify as quiet by many other people's standards. I tend to forget that.

I made it to Richard and Nina's party on Friday, which was generally pleasant. I discovered an excellent board game -- the premise is basically that you're characters in a dead-have-risen horror movie. It's silly.

I saw "Finding Nemo" twice this weekend. Excellent movie. Oddly enough, mostly excellent previews in front of it. I was amazed.

The yard's in better shape. We have a real mower. I gave the yards a crewcut and they no longer look like something from The Addams Family. That makes me a little bit sad.

Citrus trees were brought home and need planting. We should have an orange tree and a Meyer lemon tree soon, though it's hard to tell just when they'll start producing. S'okay, I'm mainly just interested in having a prettier yard, and they'll begin helping with that almost immediately, if the gopher doesn't attack them too vigorously.