June 11th, 2003

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Brezsny says:
You're a force of nature barely contained in your clothes, Gemini. You're elemental and irresistible; primordial yet playful. You're laughing like a river, dreaming like a volcano, and as surprising as a snowstorm on a summer day. You can talk the way the animals think. You remind me of a waterfall exuding fireworks. How could anyone not be drawn to you? How could anyone not feel a bit nervous while drinking in your unpredictable charisma? You're way over the top, and I like it very much.

Y'know, more of my first dates should come with horoscopes like that. I haven't been feeling very over-the-top lately. Maybe I should start again. Right now.
monkey science

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Hey! That's why I hate the phrase "don't get technical with this."

It means "don't examine what I just said too closely."

And my immediate reaction is, "okay, so if what you just told me wasn't true, could you tell me something true instead? I like true things."

Besides, there are all kinds of good reasons to hate people saying, mid-argument, "don't examine that too closely".
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Just sent my first note on LJMatch. It's not to anybody who's likely to date me, but just to somebody entirely random who sounds nifty.

I figure that's as good a way as any to guage whether a note's worth two bucks.