June 8th, 2003

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Back from The Stinking Rose. Quite good. I approve. I got called a "gourmand", which means somebody knows their dictionary definitions :-) (Note: a gourmand is not the same as a gourmet). Much garlic was consumed. I definitely recommend the chocolate/espresso mousse parfait significantly more highly than the garlic ice cream or the tiramisu, not that I expect anybody really cares :-)

Other random notes: kraydon was in town and we went to a wedding together. I knew a few more people than I expected, and generally had fun. Addresses were added to the Disaster House Party List.

I re-read The Story of the Stone, by Barry Hughart. It's better than I remember, and I think I'll remember the details of it better this time.

I saw The Italian Job a bit back with some friends. It was pretty good, though it was very much the genre it appeared to be.

Something I came up with, and I'm considering how well I like: "Be yourself. It doesn't attract the people it should attract, but it repels the people it should repel." The corollary is that for maximum effect, you should alternate with other techniques that attract the people they should attract. In other words, alternate false-positive techniques with false-negative techniques.