June 4th, 2003

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The latest Bob, which occurred before Friday this time: more on the Clingy Bitches!

[Edited to add Brezsny]
Oh, and the latest Brezsny:

You're in a phase when you may be tempted to start food fights at fancy dinner parties, wrap toilet paper around the trees in front of your adversaries' houses, and regard the juvenile delinquents of cable TV's "South Park" as worthy role models. I hate to discourage you from indulging this instinct for uproar, since so much of it could be fun and liberating. Therefore, I'm going to authorize you to go right ahead. But please keep a fraction of your adult brain working in the background, ready to step in and halt the proceedings if you're ever about to, say, imitate the South Park kids' "How to eat with your butt" routine for your boss.

Fair enough.
monkeytown is doomed!

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Reposted from cadhla:

CafePress just got a lot nastier. The main highlight? Using their service, starting soon, will give them your copyrights. Like, entirely. Bad bad bad news.

[Edit: it appears that this isn't as severe as it first seemed, though they're allowing themselves to represent your stuff as their own. But they seem not to be assigning themselves your copyright, and that's the big deal here.]
[Edit again: here is an alternate perspective -- less hysterical, but still including some problems with what CafePress is doing.]