May 31st, 2003

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The party was excellent. Several innovations, such as disposable plasticware and tableware, made this party much lower maintenance from my specific point of view as the host. While no very expensive port was drunk, and the drinks were simple (but mostly quite good), the addition of about five pounds of assorted imported Belgian goodness from Chocolatier Desiree made up for a lot of that. It also meant it took people a long time to break into the locally-made gourmet ice cream. Mmmm.... Rick's Rather Rich.

This was a smaller gathering. It's more obvious that we have these often, and so people seem to be showing up a little less often. That works. It means we peaked at more like thirty people, though it's harder to tell now that people are routinely going to and from the hot tub. Yay, hot tub!

We've still got a couple of people sleeping on our couch, but that makes sense -- we all got to bed quite late. It was 9am or later by the time we dropped below ten non-hosts still in the house, awake and kicking.

Overall: very, very good party. Smaller than the last one, but not only did it work much better for me overall (less work, more socializing), but the folks we got seemed significantly more comfortable with each other, especially by the end of the party, and significantly more willing to stick around and continue having fun.